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Renata Age: 28
Price: 120,- Euro 1 hour
Phone: +49 (0)176 – 10 33 61 94


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Renata is a sensual Rubens goddess who fills the room with her irresistible charisma with her voluptuous body, plump breasts and curvy ass. For far too long, you have led a lonely existence without the gentle touch of a loving person to take away the burden of the day and pamper you in their arms. But now the time has come for you to embark on the tingling adventure that awaits you with Renata.

After a romantic and sensual evening together, Renata will accompany you home or to your hotel room. The anticipation builds as you freshen up in the bathroom and prepare to find the relaxation you need. And then you open the door to the bedroom and enter a world of seduction and eroticism.

Renata has already undressed and her flawless body invites you to snuggle up against it. The warmth of her skin flows through you as her hands glide gently over your body, caressing away your every worry and tension. You close your eyes and let yourself fall, enjoying every single touch of her delicate fingertips on your skin. There is nothing like the moment, full of passion and devotion.

Together you create an atmosphere of unforgettable desire in which you give yourselves to each other and savor every moment. Renata’s passionate gaze burns itself into your soul as her body gently surrenders to the rhythm of pleasure. Your breasts nestle against your skin while her breath breathes softly in your ear. You feel alive and desired like never before.

Renata knows no boundaries and gives herself to you with passion and devotion. Her skillful hands explore your erogenous zones and ignite fireworks of pleasure inside you. The intensity increases from moment to moment until your bodies become one and unite in ecstasy. It is an unforgettable dance of passion in which you lose yourselves and merge into one.

The whole world seems to disappear as you lose yourselves in your own inner sphere. Time stands still and there is only the moment of intense desire and pure devotion. Renata is your muse of pleasure who will take you to a new dimension of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Fact file

Height: 1.60 m
Bust size: 80 DD
Weight: 65-70 kg
Figure: chubby
Clothing size: 40/42
Hair color: blond
Intimate hair: completely shaved
Nationality: Eastern Europe
Languages: German
Booking time:

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